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A community for Doctor/Rose icons, from the generic friendship to utter shippiness!
Hello! Welcome; this is place to share, collect, display and revel in Rose/Doctor icons :) Here we take icons that are focused on the Doctor and Rose as a team, whether for friendship or other kinds of ship. We also take various other graphics, such as Doctor/Rose related banners etc. The aim of this community is to give all you people out there an archive of icons, that you can search through quickly for something specific. If you're new to this community, feel free to introduce yourself over at the intro post!

There are a few rules to cover if you'd be so kind to look them over.

- Community/Posting Rules -

1. Banners, headers and icons are all welcome here, but they must be centred on the Doctor and Rose's relationship. Although, that's kind of a given considering where you are =]

2. We do take things that are more generic (such as an icon that has just Rose, or just the Doctor), but please bear in mind that the main focus of this comm is both of them together. If you have a couple of generic ones you'd like to throw in with a bunch of shippy/together icons, that's fine, but we'd rather you didn't post unrelated icons as a basic post. Thanking you in advance.

3. Please tag your posts! A list of tags is up and it would be really great if you could just look through them and label yours. It makes it easier for people who want to look for a specific type of icon, too :)

4. If you're taking icons a user has posted, please comment on which you've taken. Also please remember to credit whoever you've taken from, as it's only polite and common courtesy! To credit on LJ, just put <lj user=USERNAME> in the comments of the icon you save.

5. No more than five icons per teaser. All other graphics/icons must be placed behind an lj-cut (for those of you who don't know how to do that, find out here), and please have at least three icons in your collection.

6. Now then, one of the main issues. Please, please, PLEASE post your icons directly to this community. What I mean is, please don't have fake-cuts to your journal (or anywhere else) that has a large collection of multi-fandom icons. It defeats the point of this community, the main aim of which is to have an easily-accessible icon archive, for those looking for specifics. By all means have a link to your journal as well, but the icons must be posted directly to doctoroseicons. Anyone who doesn't heed this rule will instantly be put on moderation and will have 24 hours to edit their post, or it will be deleted. (Sorry it's so harsh: if you're looking for a more generic site, there's always dwicons =])

ETA: New members are, now, automatically put on moderation. If you submit anything to this comm as a new user, you must wait for it to be approved. If you follow the rules your post will be allowed through and you will be taken off the moderation list for good (:

7. When you post your icons, please credit whoever (if applicable) you took the screencaps/bases from. It's so others can find them.

8. Not really a rule as such, but please remember this community is still quite new and I'm still working through glitches etc. If you have a query, please feel free to e-mail me. If you have any direct questions you can ask one at the FAQ post (comments screened).

9. Share and enjoy! :D

- Who's running the show... -

At the moment, the only maintainer and moderator is me, avoria, but that may change depending on how busy this comm gets! =] You can contact me on doctoroseicons @ googlemail.com. If you send an e-mail to my other LJ account, concerning this comm, I'll just delete it.

- Useful places to check out -
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